Piloting tools with a mentee

I have worked as mentor at the college for 7-8 years and thought that it would be valuable to explore the use of e learning tools with some of my mentees. I decided to work with Jane, a lecturer from the Health and Social Care department who was an experienced teacher but felt she wanted to develop her teaching in different ways. She felt that she had a very traditional approach to student assessment and wanted to explore other ways in which she could check on their learning. I decided to give her some support in learning to use Edpuzzle and Socrative. She was very nervous about using them but in fact she used both tools to very good effect and the feedback from students was also very positive. My experience of seeing her success made me realise how even the least confident of teachers can enjoy using learning technology. Click below to hear a discussion I had with Bob Read, my Regional Advisor about my work with Jane –

As a framework for Jane’s action plan I used the two targeted ‘CPD wheels’ that we have been piloting at the college with a view to adding a sharper focus to the staff development activities that we ask staff to undertake. The ‘wheel’ reflects in many ways some key aspects of action research. Click below to hear a discussion I had with Bob about the use of these CPD wheels.

Mind map jANE 3

Mind map 2 Jane