I decided to explore a range of e learning tools in a variety of ways.

  • I set out to pilot some new e learning tools myself in my own teaching sessions with a group of Travel and Tourism students and to ask learners to evaluate them using a questionnaire. I also recorded my own observations after the sessions and reflected on my use of the tools with my Regional Advisor, Bob Read.
  • I decided to model the same tools in a CPD session with a group of staff from HE, Travel and  Tourism, GCSE, Functional Skills and Childcare. I asked them to complete evaluation forms and I also asked them contact me if they began to use any of the tools in their teaching.
  • I also planned to introduce some of the e learning tools to one of my mentees, Jane as part of a CPD action plan that we developed.

I decided to gather most data from my own groups of learners as I felt I could combine their evaluative feedback with my own observations of their performance and with my own reflections and insights after the sessions.