Our revised research question

Once we recognised the difficulties of using Skype as a video conferencing tool at the college we began to re-think our original research question. The announcement in December of a re-structure at the college also further challenged us to re-think the scope of our project as it became clear that Emma would probably leave at the end of April . We decided to open up our research activities to include the use of learning technology in the classroom as well as in creating blended learning activities.

Our revised research question was therefore –

How can we use learning technology on our Travel and Tourism courses to promote collaborative learning both in the classroom and in blended learning?

Once we had agreed our revised research question, Bob, our Regional Adviser, spent time with us to demonstrate some e learning tools that we could consider using in our teaching and also recommended a website Top 100 E Learning Tools that we could use in researching the use of technology in further education.