Our position and expectations

We are approaching this as novices in e learning approaches but we are anticipating that participation in this project will enhance our ‘toolkit’ as teachers and that future student cohorts will initiate the programme from the start of their qualification. We have had limited success in using learning technology before but realise that we need to develop our skills and confidence in this areas for the reasons set out in the Background section.

As we will be working with small numbers, it will be very difficult to prove that the data might identify ways to ensure vast improvements in other vocational sectors but we hope that our experiences will be of interest to our colleagues as we feel that they respect our honesty and our willingness to adapt and improve our teaching approaches.

Our students recognise that T & T have high standards and they conform and adapt to whatever we ask them to do. So although we set out to trial different e learning tools and teaching approaches, which has its limits,we had every expectation that they would comply and complete the tasks so we know that the groups will follow the same pattern with our new methods.