For a while Emma and I have both been interested in exploring the use of learning technology in the delivery of our courses. There are three main reasons –

  • The college re-located our department from the main campus in Lowestoft to an out of town location. Whilst the transfer meant we had more space, it was inconvenient for students to attend sessions that were only one or two hours long given the travel commitment involved. We wondered if video conferencing would be a way in which we could stay in touch with learners.
  • We were also well aware that students are in many ways more sophisticated in their use of technology than we are and so we hoped that the use of learning technology would help to make our teaching sessions more engaging generally. With the lifestyle that students are experiencing now , i.e. their whole lives being on some form of electronic device, we feel that they expect teaching to take on a different format which is in keeping with the pace of their lives.
  • In the light of the Feltag report our college, like post 16 providers everywhere, is expecting staff to be using technology more extensively in their all aspects of their teaching.

Click below to hear Emma talk in more details about the reasons for our involvement in the project –

Prima facie research question

In the light of the factors noted above we decided that our initial research question might be –

‘How can we use learning technology on our Travel and Tourism courses to deliver a blended learning programme and extend contact with students outside of the classroom?’